The Ideal Cloud Architect

June 03, 2015 3 min Read

The Ideal Cloud Architect

A cloud architect is a computer science professional that helps a company strategize the best ways to use cloud computing platforms efficiently and securely. Cloud architects don’t actually construct the cloud computing environment - rather they come into an existing cloud platform to help a company leverage its effectiveness in the best ways and maximize efficiencies of use. It’s a pretty important position for many reasons, not least of which is that the cloud is becoming integral to so many facets of business growth.

Cloud computing, in general, has become a resource that businesses in all different kinds of sectors need. Call centers, retail businesses, even the health care industry are looking to work in the cloud. Having an architect that can shape the technology in order to better match resources to the company requirements, which change constantly has become a necessity.

How Has the Position Evolved?

Cloud computing was once looked upon with a bit of trepidation because the perception was that it took a lot of control out of the company’s hands. However, cloud computing has become much better understood over the last few years. At the same time, cloud technology providers have shifted their offerings, making them more adaptable and when required, putting more control in the hands of the customer.

How Do They Manage the Cloud?

Cloud environments can be complex and a bit hard to manage if the players involved aren’t all on the same page about how these resources can be best deployed. Not only do companies risk losing money due to inefficiency, but they also face data breaches that could compromise their business and its reputation. Sensitive documents that are stored in the cloud without the right security measures can have serious consequences. Cloud architects can manage the structural integrity of a cloud network to avoid issues like these as well as to make sure that the functionality of the cloud is in line with the corporate vision.

What Skills Do Cloud Architects Need?

Cloud architects should have extensive experience in network and systems administration in order to act as a liaison between company execs and support staff. A lot of cloud architects start out as IT generalists or have experience managing company networks. They should also have a strong understanding of cloud computing technology and infrastructure in order to contend with the nuances of cloud storage. Designing and migrating applications to the cloud is something they should be experts at. It’s also helpful for cloud architects to be comfortable in a consultative role in order to foster relationships with other team members.

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