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New Slim-Line 2.0 Cages = Great Space and Cost Savings

May 26, 2015 3 min Read

New Slim-Line 2.0 Cages = Great Space and Cost Savings

Opting for a secure, private cage in a data center environment demands a lot of space on the data center floor, making it expensive for the customer and taking away valuable floor space that can no longer be used by other customers.

Traditional cages don’t make optimal use of floor space. The cage itself creates a cumbersome footprint that wastes usable floor space in exchange for an additional security barrier. Depending on the size of the data center or the available capacity, the provider may price the caged environment at up to a 30% monthly premium. To balance the customer’s need of a cage security with affordability and efficiency, Expedient has developed their Slim-line 2.0 cage. The structure of this cage is compact and requires only one cabinet space in addition to the already enclosed customer cabinets. Furthermore the slim-line cage can fit within the single row layout of the racks; and, the standard hot row/cold row design of the data center is not disrupted.

The cages resemble conventional cages but have special end panels with connecting rails that are sized to accommodate the front and rear door assemblies, providing scalability from four to eight cabinets in width. The enhanced feature of this cage design is its roll-up door. These doors are designed using a lightweight, slatted aluminum that rolls into a small 8-inch diameter box at the top of the cage. Therefore, an 8-foot tall cage can provide a 7-foot high clearance. The locking spring-loaded doors are easily lifted and lowered without the need for a motorized lift mechanism.

As with traditional cages, the Slim-line 2.0 cages are built to customer specifications and can accommodate as few as two cabinets. However, this new cage allows for a much faster design time, cutting 6-7 weeks off the traditional cage fabrication lead-time. If you are unsure if this would meet all of your privacy needs, a hybrid design, incorporating the Slim-line cage and conventional cage is an option. The hybrid version utilizes the front and rear roll-up doors that can span multiple rows of cabinets, providing capacities up to 16, 24 or more in 8 cabinet increments, but would also include traditional sliding cage doors for access between the rows.

Expedient continues to be on the cutting edge of all of your data center needs. To learn more about our 11 data centers, click here.

Ed Dzurko Ed Dzurko

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