Internal Network Speed and Lossless Integrity

April 23, 2015 3 min Read

Internal Network Performance: Expedient Delivers Speed and Integrity

Choosing the right cloud provider is a critical business decision that requires thoughtful and deliberate research. You want a provider that will not only monitor its virtual machine network continually, but also deliver consistent high-level performance. A recent Cloud Spectator study provides insights on the virtual machines (VMs) offered by public cloud providers Amazon Web Services, Expedient, and Microsoft Azure. The study assessed the different providers’ VMs and tested their virtual central processing units (vCPUs), memory, and disk performance. It also examined the VMs internal networks and based the results on the price-performance ratio – that is, it compared the VMs performance in relation to its price tag. Making sure that the throughput between VMs in a data center is delivered successfully is a crucial test for any cloud provider. Cloud Spectator’s study produced a clear winner with Expedient topping the competitors in both internal network performance and in the price-performance ratio.

Measuring Performance on the Internal Network

To measure internal network performance, Cloud Spectator looked at the throughput between VMs by using Iperf, an open-source tool that can be used for network performance monitoring. Providing insights into a network’s availability, delay, and data loss, Iperf sent data bi-directionally between two servers for a particular time period. The network throughput determined the performance and, as with other components evaluated during the seven-day test, the internal network performance was also measured in conjunction with the VM’s pricing.

Achieving Quality Throughput from VM to VM

The performance of a cloud infrastructure should top the list of considerations when shopping for a cloud provider. Not all virtual machines deliver the same performance, making it crucial to compare the different Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers before finalizing a decision. It’s also important to utilize the price-performance ratio during comparisons, since examining features separate from pricing won’t provide you with a holistic view.

As Cloud Spectator’s study confirms, Expedient’s cloud-based services deliver dependable performance without sacrificing budget. Expedient also offers independently scalable resources, and as business data continues to grow, being able to adjust for such growth will prevent an infrastructure re-design for handling larger amounts of data.

As companies plan to use more virtual IT resources, it may be necessary to become familiar with more robust services, such as Expedient’s VMTurbo. The white paper, “Cloud Mechanics: Delivering Performance in Shared Environments,” discusses how the VMTurbo service provides greater performance for the virtual infrastructure and allows companies to get the most out of their IT resources. Whatever your business goals, Expedient offers cloud services to help take your company operations to new levels of efficiency. Our network monitoring software will ensure that your virtualization services provide the quality, capacity, and dependability your company requires.

This post is the third in a four-part series discussing the performance of Expedient virtual machines compared to the offerings of several public cloud providers. Click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

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