Cloud-based Persistent Storage That Outperforms Top Brands

April 16, 2015 3 min Read

Cloud-based Persistent Storage That Outperforms Top Brands

Each day IT departments deal with both expected and unexpected responsibilities, ranging from typical storage monitoring duties to troubleshooting storage server problems. Eliminating some of these tasks to focus on more business-centric projects would be welcome to most IT engineers and administrators. The cloud makes that possible.

For businesses interested in offloading certain IT tasks, the cloud offers the capability to host virtual machines and provide virtual storage, eliminating the need to manage hardware, among other such responsibilities. The cloud analyst agency, Cloud Spectator, recently conducted a study comparing the overall performance of virtual machines offered by three cloud providers: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Expedient. In addition to reviewing vCPUs and memory, the study looked at the different vendors’ VM storage capabilities, with the main focus on persistent storage.

Crushing the Price-Performance Ratio: Expedient Surpasses the Competition

The primary metric used in the study was the price-performance ratio, which analyzes the quality of a service in relation to its price. Since storage is an essential need of businesses of all sizes, everyone wants dependable data access without exceeding their budget. Persistent storage is a more reliable choice for VMs, so it’s a more common solution and would be the best target for measuring the usual storage demands. To test the different VMs, PassMark software was used to conduct the comparisons over the course of seven days and targeted sequential read, write, and random seek and read/write functions.

At the completion of the test, Expedient’s total score for storage performance beat the competitors, which ended up being its greatest success for the entire evaluation. Its price-performance ratio was 12 to 53 times better than Amazon or Microsoft. For clients with significant data storage needs and who may employ mobile workers, a reliable infrastructure is an essential requirement. Knowing which service provider delivers the best performance can help narrow the list of which provider should be chosen for your IT services.

Reaching New Efficiencies in the Cloud

When it comes to finding the ideal hosting service, a variety of choices are available and data storage will be a crucial consideration. As data continues to grow, the cloud offers more efficient ways of handling storage requirements, prompting IT leaders to consider new approaches. Cloud Spectator’s comprehensive study reveals the quality behind Expedient’s cloud services.

For businesses that want to strike the perfect balance between performance and price, Expedient can deliver storage solutions through their Evermore cloud storage service, which can deliver new efficiencies in speed, capacity, and dependability. In the coming years, the cloud will continue to become the IT standard throughout the business world, and Expedient will continue to provide high-performance storage services that outpace the competition and allow IT departments to have a shorter list of responsibilities on their to-do list.

This post is the second in a four-part series discussing the performance of Expedient virtual machines compared to the offerings of several public cloud providers. Click here to read part 1.

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