Hybrid Cloud: The Strategy of Choice

November 24, 2014 2 min Read

According to the 2014 State of the Cloud Survey, the majority of enterprises currently employ a multi-cloud strategy, while 48% are in the planning process for hybrid cloud adoption1. While there are benefits to both public and private cloud configurations, creating a hybrid cloud strategy for your business can offer the best of both worlds. Not everything can be virtualized with optimal cost and performance benefits. In many cases, virtual and physical infrastructures need to coexist seamlessly. In a hybrid deployment, multiple private and/or public clouds are hosted within the same data center, bound by standardized technology to ensure application and data portability, as well as effective load balancing. One or more clouds can be integrated with a physical colocation space, in which you can have your own mainframe, database servers or other specialized hardware installed.

How can your business benefit from a hybrid cloud solution? For starters…

  • Both your existing hardware and cloud offerings remain centralized within one data center
  • Platforms and other infrastructure can be migrated over time as hardware expires or needs change
  • All systems are hosted in a secure and fully redundant environment

The hybrid cloud is becoming the widespread strategy of choice for enterprises. Need more info on the hybrid cloud? Check out our _****_info sheet_****._

Brent Meadows Brent Meadows

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