Better Technology, Better Cloud Solutions With Intel Gen 5 Cloud Technology

March 25, 2014 2 min Read

Staying on top of new technology is key: Expedient uses Intel Cloud Technology to assure that you can run your workloads on infrastructure that delivers industry-leading performance and quality. Why is this important to you? Users get an agile, scalable, efficient infrastructure with better value for the bottom line, and getting better performance by using the latest technology just makes sense.

Chief Technology Officer at Expedient, Ken Hill, comments “Our customers are looking to compete with very large Fortune 50 or Fortune 100 companies. They need an infrastructure that is reliable–one that can perform and operate equal to or better than an enterprise environment. And they’re looking to outperform their competitors. We build a cloud platform that delivers the highest level of performance, the highest tier, so our customers can carve out exactly what they need. The Intel Cloud technologies are key to that success.”

Expedient generation 5 offerings (based on the Intel Xeon processor 2600 v2) performed better than Expedient generation 2 offerings by an average of 68%. See the official statistics here, including:

  • Floating Point Math Test: 79% improvement in performance
  • Encryption performance: 74% improvement in performance
  • Variability: 96% decrease in variability

With the new generation of processor, Expedient and other cloud providers can realize reduced latency, up to 10X greater bandwidth, higher performance and greater resource efficiencies. Stability, scalability, improved security and performance are a few of many benefits delivered by Intel Cloud Technology that are passed down to the customer as a result. Additionally, Intel Cloud Technology enables greater agility.

Most providers sell services in pre-determined packages. Consequently, customers frequently either struggle with performance issues caused by underestimating resource needs, or overpay by buying more resources than necessary. In contrast, Expedient recognizes that cloud performance is not a commodity and sets itself apart by tailoring resources to suit customer needs. As a result of improved agility, Expedient can offer cloud solutions that are just right for each unique customer.

To understand how utilizing the Expedient cloud can improve your overall performance, availability, and help reduce costs, review the full report on the Intel Technology Cloud Badge.

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