Business Continuity: Preparing for a Disaster, No Matter the Size

March 07, 2014 2 min Read

Business Continuity: Preparing for a Disaster, No Matter the Size

Natural disasters are unpredictable. Whether it is a hurricane rocking the East Coast, a blizzard pounding  the North, or a tornado causing havoc in the Midwest, these events give little, if any, advanced warning. While it may be easy to calculate the physical damage such an event causes, have you ever stopped to calculate the damage caused when these events interrupt your daily business operations?

Mother Nature is Unpredictable, but Access to Your Data Doesn’t Have to Be

Too many companies wait for a large-scale event to strike before they start preparing for a network outage. But the truth is that a disaster does not need to happen on a large scale for it to have a major impact. Instead, much smaller and more localized events are capable of having as much, if not greater, impact. Small disasters, like a local power outage, downed phone line or office flooding can interrupt your business and threaten your mission critical data just as ruthlessly as an earthquake or forest fire. In fact, according to, when a company is denied access to mission critical data for 48 hours, their chances of going out business within the next twelve months increases significantly. Even shorter periods of downtime can have drastic costs_—_especially for any company with client-facing services or products.

Preparing for a Disaster

Take a moment to evaluate your company’s disaster recovery plan. Just how prepared are you to handle a disruption to computing resources? Forget about those large scale events, and instead think along the lines of a power outage, a downed phone line or office flooding. Can you afford a disruption to your network, even for a few hours? If you would like to learn more about business continuity planning, Expedient can help. Contact us today for more information.

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