Not All Data Centers Are Equal: Which is Right for You?

July 09, 2013 3 min Read

Comparing your IT computing environments

Not All Data Centers are Created Equal – Instead, the data center solution that is right for your company is directly dependent on any number of factors – including, company size, industry regulatory demands, power, Internet connectivity and data availability. But how can you be certain that the solution you choose will continue to meet those needs – now and in the future? Read below to learn more about the three most common types of data centers:

The Data Closet

Not All Data Centers Are Equal: Which is Right for YouTurning a small unused part of the office (e.g. closet, utility room, maintenance shed) into an in-house data center is a solution often used by small companies. Small companies turn to this solution because it offers the promise of a low cost investment. But consider the tradeoff -  not only are many of these solutions not very secure (especially considering the number of people who can gain access), but they also lack many of the redundant security and availability options you would find in a larger, more secure, offsite data center.

The In-House Data Room

As a company expands, so does their need for computing resources – meaning that the small data closet will often blossom into a larger data room. Keep in mind that most in-house data rooms lack flexibility. Instead of being able to easily scale up or down to meet computing demands, these rooms are generally only built to meet the company’s immediate needs. But, as those needs evolve and expand (as is often the case with many mid-size companies), the data room will require more investments in IT infrastructure.

The Expedient Enterprise Class Data Center

What the enterprise class data center offers is the promise of availability, security and redundancy. At Expedient our enterprise class data centers not only allow you to outsource your computing needs within the secure walls of a state-of-the-art facility, but with a staff always onsite and , you receive the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your mission critical data, systems and applications will remain continuously available. The advantages of choosing an Expedient data center:

  • On-Demand Scalability: You are not limited to the framework of your existing in-house data center. Instead, outsourcing with Expedient lets you scale your computing network to match your needs as they grow.
  • Availability: With a network of nine nationwide data centers, Expedient offers the resources to deliver 100% uptime.
  • Security: SSAE certified and with a host of onsite security features, Expedient’s data centers work to protect your data against security breaches, system interruptions, and natural disasters.

Click here to take a look at some 3-D videos of our data centers.

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