A Managed-Services Cloud Approach vs. Off the Shelf

June 18, 2013 3 min Read

Are you buying your cloud services off the shelf?

Using any of the dozens of “one-size fits most” public cloud solutions currently on the market can be tempting. Most of them are labeled as easy to understand, relatively straight forward, and often getting the process started is as simple as typing in your credit card.

Or is it?

When buying your cloud solution “off the shelf” and settling for a “one-sized-fits most” cloud environment, you may be sacrificing more than you realize. Check out this video and see how Not All Cloud Providers are Created Equal.

Taking a closer look at the managed cloud approach

On the surface, choosing from one of the big name public cloud providers on the market may seem like a more cost effective option. But after taking a closer look, you may soon realize that you are giving up more than you ever expected:


In a world where data loss can swiftly turn into millions of dollars in lost revenue, cause major regulatory headaches, and turn into a public relations nightmare, your cloud provider must be able to demonstrate that they their systems are built to guarantee the safety of your mission critical data – which is something most of those “off the shelf solutions” are lacking.

  • The security of a managed services cloud solution: A managed services provider, like Expedient, will be able to directly address your security concerns. With more than 220,000 square feet of nationwide data center space, Expedient maintains a multi-layered, integrated approach to the physical and virtual security of your data. Read more about what to look for when choosing a cloud provider. Download our Security Uncompromised Whitepaper for more information.


Compliance regulations are continually evolving, and depending on your industry’s demands, you need a cloud solution that offers the flexibility to match.

  • A managed services approach to compliance: SSAE-18 compliant, Expedient’s data centers align with the demands of the major regulatory regimes, including HIPAA and PCI DSS.


Off the shelf cloud solutions do offer the promise of scalability. With plans that include limits for data storage and users, it’s possible to find a solution that closely matches your current computing needs. But what happens when your demands evolve beyond those simple metrics?

  • Designing a cloud solution to match your needs Whether you are attracted to the scalability of the public cloud, the security of the private cloud, or the flexibility of the hybrid cloud, Expedient can engineer a cloud solution to meet your company’s needs.

Download our “Which Cloud Is Right for You” Guide to learn more about your cloud computing options.

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