Big Data Storm Is Here: Cloud Computing is Bringing Big Data to Everyone

February 04, 2013 2 min Read

The Big Data Storm Is Here, And Its Getting Bigger Every Minute

There is little doubt: Big Data is here. We have been hearing about it for the last several months. And what once started as a whisper, being talked about in the backrooms of marketing board meetings, has turned into a tidal wave of information and insight into digital trends. As an executive or business owner, how do you confront the big data storm without being overwhelmed?

Where is all that data being stored?

It’s easy to think of all of this data as an idea - a concept that is shared but never stored. But in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. People forget that data has physical structure and shape. All of that data takes up space – enormous amounts of space - and it has to be housed somewhere. Thus, it is sent to the cloud. In fact, it may be helpful to think of the big data movement as a rainstorm – a rainstorm that is working in reverse. Instead of a giant cloud that is sending out rain drops, all of that data is being gathered and sent up into a cloud for safekeeping.

And of course, with the cloud computing marketplace expected to explode and reach 240 billion by 2020, the timing could not be better – as the cloud can act as the perfect medium for storing, exchanging, and analyzing all that data. The question then becomes, “Is your company positioned to handle this storm of big data?” Or will you drown in data?

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