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November 28, 2012 2 min Read

Burstable Virtual Colocation

A variable memory offering for true cloud usage with enterprise performance

Ideal for customers with experience managing VMware virtual environments but who wish to eliminate the maintenance costs and issues associated with hosting their infrastructure in house, virtual colocation allows you to host your network, server and storage in a virtual environment. Drawing from a pool of memory, processor and storage, you can deploy as you would your own virtual infrastructure and scale your system capabilities to meet your changing needs. You have direct access to Virtual Center to control your resource pool.

As an add-on to this service, our Burstable Virtual Colocation solution allows you to scale your memory consumption up and down as needed. When subscribing to this pool of compute, memory and disk, you will purchase a committed amount of memory – and along with this committed purchase, you will also receive an equal amount of burstable memory space. Advantages of virtual colocation bursting:

  • Burst up and down as much as you want within a day, with each day being tracked separately.
  • Purchase a committed amount of memory and receive an equal amount of burstable memory.
  • Eliminate the need for owning and managing servers and other infrastructure assets
  • Pay-as-you-grow expansion capability without capital expenditures

Compliant with audit requirements, ideal for disaster recovery, EOM processing, development, and testing, our burstable virtual colocation solutions offer true scalability. Contact Expedient today to learn more about our variable memory offering.

Ken Hill has more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications and information technology industry that led him to his position as Chief Technology Officer of Expedient. Ken has demonstrated throughout his career the ability to manage a broad spectrum of technical environments.

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