Just How Safe is Your Data?

June 25, 2012 2 min Read

Just how important is a reliable and continually tested business continuity plan to the success of your business. Well consider this:

  • 93% of companies that experience a major data loss go out of business within five years1
  • Medium sized businesses (101-1000) experience an average of 140 hours of  downtime every year – with an average loss in revenue of 867,000 dollars
  • 43% of businesses that experience a disaster but have no business continuity plan in place never recover

Right now you are probably saying to yourself, “My company is safe. We invested in a disaster recovery plan a few years back. And on top of that, we are located in a region where disasters seldom strike.” Unfortunately, this is a mistake that far too many companies make. A pre-existing business continuity plan or low occurrence of “natural” disasters has them believing that they are immune to data loss. But the facts don’t match up with the statistics:

  • Only 14% of businesses update their business continuity plan regularly – And an out of date plan is about as good as no plan at all.
  • More than 50% of system failures are due to localized power outages or IT failures – Not a large scale natural disaster

True Business Continuity with the Expedient Safe

The business continuity experts at Expedient are here to ensure that your data is truly SAFE. Our business continuity plan options include:

  • Private Virtual Colocation
  • Virtual Machine Replication
  • De-Duplicated Disk Based Backup
  • Traditional Tape Based Back Up
  • Offsite cloning
  • DYODR – Design Your Own Disaster Recovery

  Download Your Passport to Data Protection

Through our business continuity plan services and disaster recovery plan testing, it is just as if your data is being safely secured within the reinforced walls of the Expedient Safe – meaning you are protected, no matter how big or how small the disaster.  

1-    U.S Bureau of Labor

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