Private, Public, Hybrid: Which Cloud is Right For You?

June 13, 2012 2 min Read

It seems obvious enough: The cloud is a great option for company’s looking for cost-effective, flexible ways to expand and scale their IT resources and service options. But how do you know which cloud is right for you? With public and private, and even hybrid and colocation solutions available, how do you wade through all the options and select the solution that best fits your business needs.

Expedient has your map to cloud computing solutions

For most organizations, the cloud computing solution they choose will depend heavily on four major criteria:

  1. Security and Compliance Needs
  2. Type of Data
  3. Infrastructure and Application Scalability
  4. Budgetary Concerns

For instance, one organization that needs the ability to quickly, easily and inexpensively scale network and IT resources to meet their ever-changing business demands may want to choose the public cloud; while another organization may need to keep their confidential customer data safely and securely stored within the confines of a private cloud. Or, if a company has some systems that are not ready to be virtualized, the hybrid cloud is yet another viable option. If all this still seems a little overwhelming, the managed data service providers at Expedient have mapped out your cloud computing options for you.

Brent Meadows Brent Meadows

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