Today’s Cloud: It’s All About Increasing Data Availability

May 16, 2012 2 min Read

Everywhere you look these days, cloud computing solutions are being parceled out. Simply run a Google search for the term “cloud computing services,” and you will be inundated by an array of websites, blog posts and infographics – all touting the cost saving and IT system enhancing advantages that the Cloud has to offer.

Unfortunately, this same internet search does little in the way of answering the questions, “What exactly is the cloud, and how can it work for me?” From document sharing resource tools to scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions, the number of available solutions populating the search engine result pages appear to be almost as vast and endless as the Cloud itself.

Cloud Solutions that Work for You

When wading through those search results, it is important to ask yourself, “What are you looking for?” Are you hoping to:

  • Decrease the associated cost of investing in, operating and maintaining system hardware, while increasing the scope of your network infrastructure?
  • Protect your data and applications across a network of disaster recovery sites?
  • Implement a scalable, secure and always available virtualized desktop platform?

Contact Expedient today, and learn how cloud computing solutions can work for you.

Kristin Puzon Kristin Puzon

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