How Experienced Companies Utilize Virtual Colocation

April 11, 2012 2 min Read

Why are companies experienced with VMware turning to virtual colocation?  Well, consider this: The problem many growing companies face is allocating resources to match their growing IT needs. Yes, it is important to have an infrastructure in place capable of supporting your services, products and customers. However for small to large companies, the challenge of allocating resources to meet these ever-changing system requirements can present quite the paradox: As business grows, it’s important to increase your system’s capabilities. But this can also mean new capital expenditures, which in turn can take your focus away from what really is important: The customer.

Benefits of Virtual Colocation

With virtual colocation, a company can locate their network, server, and storage in a virtual environment. This allows for the quick set-up and development of server space, bandwidth, data management, monitoring functions and IT Services in a separate building. In short, the company maintains control over this virtual environment, while the associated IT resources are managed by an independent staff of dedicated technicians and specialists. Benefits include:

  • Lower start up and maintenance costs
  • Solutions are scalable on demand
  • Ability to manage virtual resources via virtual data center
  • Hosting offsite means better disaster recover and business continuity
  • No need to own, manage and audit servers and other infrastructure resources
  • Meet auditing requirements without further investment

In essence, companies turn to virtual colocation and data center services as a proven way to increase their infrastructure and IT resources while simultaneously eliminating capital costs. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of virtual colocation services, visit Expedient.

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