Early Reviews of New Dell PowerEdge 12G Family of Servers

March 15, 2012 2 min Read

As noted during a recent unveiling of the Dell™ PowerEdgeTM 12G family of servers this past February, Dell’s new server line has been updated with Intel’s Xeon E5 processors, more system management and the ability to use a Dell-developed PCI e-linked flash storage and cache system. Prior to release Expedient was offered a look at the new line by running testing on the latest R720 and R720xd models.

In a quote during a recent article interview by Search Data Center, Expedient’s Vice President of Engineering and Product Development, Alex Rodriguez, noted that during testing Expedient was seeing 33% more DIMM slot capacity, and is now looking to move to 16 gigabyte DIMMs in the R720 platforms. This provides a 167% increase in capacity over previous deployments, allowing Expedient to be more efficient in its use of resources, and allowing Expedient to be more efficient with power, meeting several of the company’s green initiatives.

Whether it’s CPU performance, RAM speed, connectivity or board design, the PowerEdge 12th generation servers are simply cutting-edge servers. Featuring advanced technology from Dell and its partners, such as Intel®, these next-generation Dell PowerEdge servers allow you to process more data, support more applications, reduce infrastructure complexity and increase efficiency without increasing the overall bottom line. As a cloud services provider, where memory constraints are often a key concern, the number of new advantages this offers is certainly appealing to Expedient. And as companies continue to search for a single point of management for their servers, this new family of servers is a marked advancement, offering a viable solution aimed at reducing costs while improving data management.

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Sam Larkin Sam Larkin

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