Managing Virtual Servers

March 08, 2012 2 min Read

Server virtualization management has become an effective solution for many companies, allowing them to increase the capabilities and efficiencies of their current networks, all without incurring a corresponding increase in expense. Unfortunately, these solutions are not always without their drawbacks. If your company does not have a dedicated staff of internal experts focused on deploying and maintaining these virtual environments, your data management solutions just may end up wanting. This should not imply the need to forgo the prospect of virtualization all together. With the right virtual server services and solutions, you can streamline your server management without retracting from what it really takes to run your business. A few points to consider include:

  • Cloud computing: If you are seeking a solution that will allow you to increase your organization’s capacity and capabilities, but without the expense and resources required of investing in your infrastructure, cloud computing services are a viable option.
  • Server Virtualization Management: At Expedient, we offer server virtualization management services, allowing companies to take advantage of virtual private servers, server virtualization and dedicated managed servers, without the need for expert knowledge on VMware, Xen, or Microsoft Hyper V.
  • Virtual Colocation: If your company has experience with VMware to deploy virtual instances, virtual colocation solutions can be employed to allocate a section of the virtual server farm, allowing you to manage virtual instances as needed.

Looking for an affordable way to manage your virtual services without investing in new hardware? Check out our managed virtual services from Expedient, and discover the options that could help your business.

Sam Larkin Sam Larkin

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