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    Introducing Expedient Enterprise Workspace

    The future of work is creating change and it’s creating opportunity. To be ready for either, you’ll need a way to Work Different. You need to eliminate data storage and compliance concerns at the edge and improve application performance with your distributed workforce. With Expedient Enterprise Workspace, you get a whole new way to Work Smarter, Safer, and Simplified. Join...

    Indiana IT Symposium

    Join Expedient at the Indiana IT Symposium.

    How to Avoid the IT Land Mines that Cripple Your Cloud Strategy

    The decisions you make today could impact your cloud journey for years to come and you won’t even know it. Take, for instance, a new one-year vendor contract you sign to hold you over until the end of your current hardware lifecycle: by the time you’re migrated to the new platform, you’re not going to want to switch when it...

    Arizona IT Symposium

    Join Expedient at the Arizona IT Symposium on September 9 and attend Jim Gehrings’s session, “Multi-Cloud: How Hard Could It Be?” For more information and to register, click here.