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    Cloud Smarter - Making Data-Driven Cloud Decisions

    Assessing your cloud needs is difficult. We’ll show you how to use data in order to drive your decision making to Cloud Smarter in a multi-cloud operating model. Join Expedient Principal Technologist AJ Kuftic and Expedient VP of Presales Engineering Rob McCafferty to learn about meeting your cloud objectives.

    Cloud Simplified - Standardizing Across your Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

    Is your cloud journey going slower than expected? Our Cloud Simplified approach allows your team to focus on moving to the cloud faster and extracting maximum value out of your multi-cloud journey. Join Expedient Principal Technologists AJ Kuftic and Scott Ringle as they discuss accelerating the cloud journey…

    Cloud Safer - Securing Your Multi-Cloud Estate

    How do you maintain a single security posture across multiple cloud providers? We’ll take a look at how Expedient can help you to Cloud Safer in a multi-cloud operating model. Join Expedient Principal Technologist AJ Kuftic and the lead of Expedient’s Principal Technologist team, Anthony Jackman, as they discuss how to leverage a unified management plane.

    Cloud Different™️ - Capturing the Promise of the Cloud

    Cloud computing is 15 years old. We’ll look at what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and what needs to be different going forward for enterprises to extract the most value out of the cloud in support of their digital transformations. Expedient Principal Technologist AJ Kuftic will be joined by Expedient Chief Strategy Officer Bryan Smith to discuss why you should...

    2021 Luminary Series: Cloud Different™️ with Cloud Wars, Zerto, Expedient - Revealing the power of Multi-Cloud

    Bob Evans, creator of Cloud Wars, kicks off our 2021 Luminary Series. Joined by Gene Torres from Zerto, and Mike Fulton and AJ Kuftic from Expedient- together they’ll explore how best to view cloud as an approach, not a destination, and how companies can effectively leverage capabilities across the multi-cloud continuum.