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    Webinar: More Than Business Resiliency with Unlimited Systems

    The worst time to find out your DR doesn’t work is when you’re in the middle of an outage. Then you have two problems: whatever caused the initial outage and no Plan B. Find out how Unlimited Systems worked with Expedient to get to the root of the problem, make their entire environment more resilient, and prevent outages from happening...

    Mission Driven IT Strategy with Aires [Webinar]

    IT is a team sport. You can start with a great strategy in the locker room, but it takes the whole team to run the plays. Learn how Aires kept their eye on the ball and moved from keeping-the-lights-on IT work to delivering better business outcomes with Expedient.

    Webinar: Meet Expedient's Multi-Cloud Firewall

    One of the biggest hurdles for multi-cloud is how to secure the networks supporting your workloads. Each cloud has its own native firewall and syntax and trying to build a consistent policy to protect your workloads can seem entirely impossible. It’s not. Join Expedient as we unveil our new multi-cloud firewall designed to simplify consistent security policy deployment and keep...

    VMUG Webcast - Today and Tomorrow, Together: Expedient's Enterprise Cloud Native

    Today and Tomorrow, Together: Expedient’s Enterprise Cloud Native In partnership with the VMware User Group As developers want to make their applications more cloud native, balancing the new with the legacy becomes a challenge. How do you handle your current operations while beginning to move your applications forward? Expedient’s Cloud Native Platform is built on our Enterprise Cloud, enabling you...

    Meet Expedient's Next Generation File Storage!

    Managing data at scale is difficult and adding multiple clouds to the mix can be a massive challenge. Join Expedient as we unveil our new file storage platform and show how we can help you deliver file services across all of your workload locations with less effort.