Expedient and Efron Consulting enter into joint marketing and sales.

Efron Consulting and Expedient have entered into a joint marketing and sales arrangement. Efron Consulting, a global organization, is engaged with Fortune 500 companies in providing IT solutions. Expedient, a data center and cloud provider, offers a full spectrum of leading-edge hosting and cloud services. The joint management teams see synergistic opportunities to support each other for the benefit of their clients. In the age of outsourcing and cloud management, IT managers are looking to buy, not build. Efron works closely with IT managers to provide application development and infrastructure-related services.

“We know this partnership will be a great fit for both Expedient and Efron Consulting,” says Shawn Allaway, regional vice president, Expedient. “Our combined IT expertise and dedication to a highly consultative customer experience will benefit businesses in the New England region and throughout the United States. We are excited to get started.”

This new relationship with Expedient is a natural expansion of the dialog with their clients. Expedient offers private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, colocation, virtualization and other related services. Efron will be able to help augment Expedient’s service offerings with a wrapper of high level dynamic IT services. The two organizations will mutually support each other’s efforts to leverage expertise and bring value to their clients.


Efron is a global consulting, technology and outsourcing company that works across various industries including Banking, Insurance, Health Care, Telecommunications, and Utilities. Supported by more than 700 employees throughout Europe, Latin America and the United States. Our mission is to help our clients meet their goals by becoming more competitive through the achievement of IT excellence. As IT consultants and trusted advisors, we pride ourselves on listening to our clients to be able to identify needs and offer need-specific solutions. We are proud in knowing that Fortune’s Global 500 companies entrust us with projects that impact tens of thousands, if not millions, of their customers worldwide.


In addition to traditional data center colocation services (11 in 7 cities), Expedient is known for offering a wide range of managed services such as virtualization, cloud computing, remote backups, management of equipment, storage area networks and more. The company was built through a series of acquisitions in the early to mid-2000s time frame, with all of its markets offering experienced data center colocation services for 10 years or more. Expedient’s legal name is Continental Broadband LLC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Landmark Media Enterprises LLC, a private firm whose predecessor companies bring more than 100 of experience operating media and technology interests.