Time Warner Cable Business Class Provides Critical Link for Cleveland Data Center

Expedient Data Centers Customers Get More for their Money with TWCBC Fiber Communications

Expedient Data Centers, founded in 2001 in Cleveland, Ohio, has rapidly grown into a nationally recognized colocation, managed services and connectivity expert. The company now runs and manages the country’s largest all-Ethernet network with eight locations throughout the United States. Expedient’s business model is based on innovative and cost-effective networking solutions engineered to meet even the most demanding business needs. A large part of this is providing customers with the fiber connections, 24/7 monitoring and colocation facilities necessary to remotely back-up and secure sensitive data.


As businesses around the world have become more data-intensive, the need for data centers is growing at an impressive rate. Businesses turn to data solution providers like Expedient to secure their sensitive information and key applications at an offsite location to keep them safe and operational in the event of hardware failure at the main office. Expedient also helps businesses stay compliant with new data security regulations by offering the highest levels of certification and protection.

For its growing Cleveland data center, Expedient needed a partner that could provide customers with the connectivity in excess of 10 Megabits/second (Mbps) necessary to implement tailored and reliable data solutions. Expedient wanted a provider that offered fiber instead of traditional copper given fiber’s ability to provide a connection that is not compromised by moisture or distance from the central office and is quickly scalable.

For years, Expedient’s Cleveland hub worked with providers that offered the fiber capacity Expedient needed, but could not give them a high degree of flexibility. Customers requiring large bandwidth and multiple services had to pay for individual lines dedicated to each service because the circuits did not support VLANs. Expedient faced the same challenge as many companies; as they needed to increase their bandwidth capacities, they were forced into set increments: 45 Mbps, 155 Mbps or 622 Mbps. This lack of flexibility meant Expedient had to either make do with less or pay for excess capacity they would not use.

This setup also required costly hardware to convert from the Telco format to the more broadly accepted Ethernet standard.

This tradeoff between customizable solutions and higher costs went against Expedient’s promise of innovative and cost-effective solutions.


When Expedient’s technical team learned of TWCBC’s Metro Ethernet solution, they recognized a product and partner that could offer reliability and flexibility. TWCBC was the only provider in the region to offer a complete package, including:

TWCBC could essentially customize every aspect of the circuit Expedient provided to its clients. If client needs change over time, TWCBC has the unique ability to increase or decrease circuit capacity within 24-hours and with minimal cost.

“We turned to Time Warner Cable Business Class because they work with us as a partner, not just a vendor. I meet with my account executive face-to-face once a week and truly value TWCBC’s willingness to come up with creative solutions for any customer with unique circumstances. TWCBC really does offer the best available technology in the region coupled with reasonable pricing and a solid commitment to customer service,” said Bryan Smith, Vice President of Sales at Expedient.


Today, TWCBC is the preferred connectivity vendor for Expedient’s Cleveland data center and the relationship continues to grow. Expedient clients are getting more services for their money thanks to TWCBC’s advanced technology and unique capabilities. This makes the process of implementing a data security solution easier and more cost-efficient than ever before.

“Everyone says they can provide complete solutions, but it comes down to whether or not you can actually deliver on that promise. TWCBC does deliver and that’s why they are a trusted partner,” said Smith.