Sunbeam Television Delivers Miami's WSVN-TV to its Boston Offices in Broadcast Quality Using Only 1.9 mbps of Bandwidth

Solves corporate in-house monitoring challenge easily and economically using their IP, Network and XVD digital media compression technology.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 26, 2007 - Sunbeam Television Corporation’s Miami executives no longer suffer from “Boston blackout” of their Miami station (WSVN-TV) on their monthly trips north, thanks to an economical, high-quality digital video-over-IP network solution that enables the low-bandwidth transmission of WSVN-TV programming directly to WHDH-TV in Boston.

Sunbeam’s solution employs XVD digital media compression technology, which enabled the television group to leverage their existing 10 mbps dedicated, Expedient Data Centers data network between Miami and Boston to feed real-time, high-quality broadcast video and audio of its WSVN-TV signal to its Boston offices using only 1.9 mbps of bandwidth.

“Members of our corporate team from Miami visit and work from our Boston location for a few days each month,” explained James E. Shultis, Director of Engineering at WHDH-TV in Boston. “We needed an economical yet reliable way for them to be able to “stay in touch” with a real-time transmission of WSVN newscasts and programming while they were here, and we had been searching for the right solution for quite some time.”

The right solution includes a “low cost” XVD SD-TX100 integrated video/audio encoder at WSVN-TV’s Miami broadcast facility, and an XVD SD-RX2000 real-time integrated video/audio decoder at Sunbeam’s Boston location. By compressing the analog video and audio content into a high-resolution real-time XVD data stream at the source, the TX100 encoder is able to transmit the content at an extremely low data rate across Sunbeam’s IP-based dedicated network. At the receiving end, the SD-RX2000 decodes the data stream according to the original resolution (full D1) and frame rate (30 fps), and makes it available in SDI format to the Boston location’s internal video system for viewing at any television monitor in the building.

“We had always used our expedient data pipe for file sharing and sending graphics back and forth between Miami and Boston, and really didn’t have a lot of bandwidth to spare to allocate to this solution - in fact, we never even considered the possibility of using our dedicated pipe for this purpose,” continued Shultis. “We had XVD in to give us a demo on something completely unrelated to this issue - their NewsHound backpack wireless encoder/transmitter - and as we were discussing XVD’s very low bandwidth usage over IP, we realized it could be the solution for streaming the WSVN signal to Boston. It turned out to be a very easy-to-implement, low-cost solution resulting in a very effective business tool for us.”

About Sunbeam Television Corporation

Sunbeam Television Corporation is a broadcasting company and television station group based in Miami, Florida. Its highly-rated stations include WSVN-TV (FOX affiliate) in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market, and both WHDH-TV (NBC) and WLVI-TV (CW) in the Boston market.

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