Expedient Rolling On

The “Ethernet Anywhere” company is using the personal transportation device to generate buzz whenever it turns up a new central office (CO), and here on the Supercomm show floor. To date, the company is in 16 CO’s, primarily in its four target markets - Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Boston and Miami - and will turn up its first point of presence in San Francisco this summer, said Eric Hager, a member of Expedient’s board of directors, in charge of corporate development.

“We continue to build out CO by CO, but our strategy is to go deep in the market, not broad,” he said. “We identify the 1000 to 1500 prospects in each CO that require T-1 service and above and work to build the customer base in each area.”

Expedient sells Ethernet service based on optical connections into high-rise buildings and has now branched out into offering service via copper links using Hatteras Networks’ Ethernet over copper technology to connect fiber rings to CO’s via a copper lateral.

“We are in a lot of tall, shiny buildings with our fiber but we can do a much better job building a lateral to a CO that then gives me copper access to many more customers,” Hager said.

The company is using VDSL technology to deliver high-speed Ethernet within buildings.

“We’ll use anything disruptive,” said Hager with a laugh.

Expedient was built through low-cost acquisition of assets following the CLEC bust, and still owns the wireless licenses of its original operators, but is not currently using wireless technology for access.

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