Hatteras Technology is Core of Expedient Award-Winning Service

(RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK - May 31, 2005) - Expedient Data Centers, which is deploying fast Ethernet bandwidth services over existing copper telecommunications infrastructure, is the SuperQuest award winner in network design and services from SuperComm.

At the core of Expedient’s service is gear from RTP-based Hatteras Networks. Hatteras was recognized at the SuperComm convention last year for its promise as an emerging technology.

Expedient is offering “Ethernet Anywhere” services in several cities, and the company plans to expand to another 30 markets over the next 18 months.

“Hatteras Networks has been a tremendous partner for Expedient as we’ve expanded our Ethernet Anywhere network to now service businesses connected with copper, and the SuperQuest award is a testament to what two companies can do when you combine superior technology with innovative, market-leading services,” said Mark McGinness, vice president of Expedient Data Centers.


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