Expedient Expands Services and Solutions with New "Ethernet Anywhere" Product

Expedient Offers Cure for the Seven Deadly Sins of Traditional Internet Service

(PITTSBURGH, PA - APRIL 6, 2005) - ”Lusting” for faster Internet service? A “glutton” for more reliable, superior service for less money? Full of “wrath” when your Internet service goes down? For Pittsburgh area businesses cursed with the seven deadly sins of traditional Internet service, Expedient could be their saving grace. Expedient, a national communications service provider, officially announced today that is launching Ethernet Anywhere™, a new product bundle offering the most affordable, efficient and reliable service solution anywhere.

As part of the launch, the company is has created an edgy, tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign around what they have dubbed, “the seven deadly sins of traditional Internet service,” such as slow speed, unreliable connections and expensive service. Because temptation comes in many forms, Expedient will be tempting current and potential customers with the superiority of Ethernet Anywhere service during the seven-week campaign and offering the chance to earn two months of free service.

With Ethernet Anywhere, Expedient can deliver Internet access and private lines up to 26 times faster than a T-1 connection with greater reliability. By delivering access via Ethernet over existing copper lines, the need for costly equipment installation and engineering is eliminated. Expedient guarantees service that’s more reliable, yet less expensive than its competition.

Compared to traditional telephony circuits that require a company to buy connectivity in very limited bandwidth increments, Ethernet Anywhere bandwidth selections begin at 3 megabits (Mbps) of service and increase to 40 Mbps with tiered options in between. Capable of fully leveraging Ethernet’s service multiplexing capabilities, the Ethernet Anywhere network is truly service and application agnostic, capable of delivering any type of service - Voice Over IP (VoIP), video, Internet access - the way a customer wants, at a price point unavailable until now.

“Expedient has found a more cost-effective way to deliver Internet transport via easy-to-use Ethernet technology to a broader market than our direct competitors,” said Expedient’s President Shawn McGorry. “We’re able to offer value-added services, such as VoIP, Microsoft® Exchange and network security on top of Internet service, in innovative ways that no one else is doing.”

Ethernet Anywhere is now available in areas previously not served by business-class, high-speed Internet, and provides an array of bandwidth options and flexibility that allow businesses to select the solution that best serves their needs. Key benefits include:

Scalable solutions - Ethernet Anywhere offers cost-effective bandwidth increments to quickly and easily expand existing networks, without forcing a business to buy more than they need

Flexibility of service - The service allows businesses to segment their physical connection for specialized uses such as VoIP and video conferencing, separate and secure from traditional network applications such as e-mail and file sharing

Cost savings - Unlike standard telephony-based services that require customers to purchase expensive routers or switches, Ethernet Anywhere allows customers to connect to Expedient’s network using existing equipment. A five (5) Mbps Ethernet Anywhere connection can be delivered for less cost than a 1.54 Mbps T-1 circuit from the phone company

Reliability - Ethernet Anywhere takes advantage of multi-paired delivery from their network to a customer’s facility. This level of fault tolerance greatly reduces the likelihood of service interruption

“For hundreds of businesses in Pittsburgh, Ethernet Anywhere will be the only affordable way to get more than one or two Mbps of service,” said McGorry.

About Expedient

Expedient manages one of America’s largest all-Ethernet network, delivering advanced internet, voice and managed services to commercial and government entities throughout the United States. Through the power of its carrier-class Ethernet IP network and class one data centers, Expedient provides innovative and cost-effective networking solutions engineered to meet even the most demanding business needs. Expedient is a proud member of the Continental Broadband family of commercial internet data providers wholly owned by Landmark Communications. Privately owned Landmark Communications’ companies are a diverse group of award-winning publications and media outlets, including newspapers, television broadcasting, cable TV programming (The Weather Channel), and electronic publishing. To learn more about Expedient and Ethernet Anywhere, please log on to expedient.com, ethernetanywhere.com or call 866-276-2973, toll-free.

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