Broadcom Acquires VMware: Your Questions Answered

Looking for answers in the aftermath of Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware?

You’re not alone. As VMware undergoes significant transformations, it’s crucial for you to understand the changes taking place and how to make the most of your VMware investment while optimizing your spending. 

Join Expedient CEO Bryan Smith and President and COO Jon Rosenson, drivers of our decades-long relationship with VMware, as they discuss navigating the complexity of license changes, the new VMware product bundles, support mechanisms, and financial impact of the changes, and what it may mean for your strategy, your market, your business. 

They’ll also take questions in a live Q&A session with attendees. 


Bryan Smith Headshot

Bryan Smith

Jon Rosenson Headshot

Jon Rosenson
President and COO

AJ Kuftic Headshot

AJ Kuftic
Product Manager

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Event Details

Bryan Smith, Jon Rosenson, AJ Kuftic
Mar 26, 2024 01:00 pm - 02:00 pm
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