Expedient ESG Objectives

Expedient articulates its Environmental, Social, and Governance objectives here along with an overview of how they will be implemented to achieve the measurable targets indicated.

Environmental Sustainability

(Accountability: CTO, CFO)

Optimize Energy Efficiency

  • Continuously monitor and analyze energy consumption data from sensors. Identify areas for optimization and implement energy-efficient technologies and refine efficiency practices.
  • Track energy consumption and compare it against the baseline.

Mitigate Carbon Emissions

  • Achieve Net Zero carbon emissions on Expedient Enterprise Cloud platforms by 2030 through renewable energy sourcing.
  • Monitor carbon emissions and report on an annual basis.

Social Responsibility

(Accountability: VP of HR, President/COO, CEO)

Enhance Diversity and Inclusion

  • Increase the diversity of the workforce by achieving improvement through new sources of candidates in each Expedient market by 2028.
  • Conduct annual surveys to gauge employees’ perception of the workplace and report progress and actions to the board.

Develop the Whole Employee

  • Improve overall employee satisfaction and well-being by achieving a 10% increase in the utilization of health and wellness programs by 2028.
  • Enhance existing health and wellness programs, offer mental health support services, and organize workshops on stress management and work-life balance. Encourage employee participation through incentives and recognition.
  • Conduct surveys to gather feedback on program effectiveness and adjust programs based upon participation rates.

Engage in Our Communities

  • 50 Employees participate in volunteer work annually to local communities tracked in a log.
  • Partner organizations to track and summarize the impact of participation.

Corporate Governance

(Accountability: President/COO, CIO, CTO)

Enhancing Ethical Business Practices (President/COO)

  • Maintain or increase an annualized average Client Pulse Score of 80 or above (out of 100) through client feedback request surveys offered daily.
  • Implement rigorous quality control measures that prioritize client feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Conduct annual Net Promoter Score satisfaction surveys. Regularly review daily/weekly survey results and client feedback to identify areas for improvement. Publish continuous improvement action plans.

Ensuring Data Security and Privacy (CIO)

  • Ensure employees comply with data security standards as documented in Expedient’s Security Policy.
  • Achieve zero data breaches through robust security protocols, regular security audits and vulnerability assessments, and security best practices training for all employees.
  • Conduct quarterly internal and external security and vulnerability scans. Monitor and report security incidents and breaches. Share security and compliance status and incident response actions.

Ensuring Availability and Resilience (CTO)

  • Maintain uptime of critical Expedient systems and data repositories with thorough vulnerability assessments, advanced proactive monitoring, personnel training, supplier accountability and executable recovery procedures.
  • Continue to invest in redundant systems and infrastructure and test comprehensive disaster recovery plans.
  • Monitor system uptime and analyze root causes publish findings.

2023 ESG Objective Scorecard

ESG Objectives Table

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