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    Cleveland's Expanded Data Center Unveiled at May 10th Open House

    Kristin Puzon
    Read Time 2 min.

    More than 100 companies joined us at our Garfield Heights facility on May 10th. We really enjoy hosting these exclusive, one-time only, Open House events as it give the community the opportunity to take a tour of a world class data center and learn about compelling new trends in the data center and managed hosting industry.  We always welcome tours...

    From the Potatoes to the Operating System - Expedient Manages Everything

    Kristin Puzon
    Read Time 2 min.

    The average American consumes more than 140 pounds of potatoes each year. But did you know that this popular side dish can also serve double duty as a battery. In fact, with enough potatoes you could power just about anything: 600,000 potatoes are capable of powering one 60 watt light bulb 3,300,000 can power one server 26,400,000,000,000 could power...

    Server Management

    How Experienced Companies Utilize Virtual Colocation

    Read Time 2 min.

    Why are companies experienced with VMware turning to virtual colocation?  Well, consider this: The problem many growing companies face is allocating resources to match their growing IT needs. Yes, it is important to have an infrastructure in place capable of supporting your services, products and customers. However for small to large companies, the challenge of allocating resources...


    Cloud Computing: Public vs. Private Cloud Solutions

    Brent Meadows
    Read Time 3 min.

    For most companies, the question surrounding cloud computing does not come down to its advantages. In truth, there is little doubt that cloud computing services are a cost effective solution, allowing companies to expand their data capacity and system capabilities without investing in their overall infrastructure. When it comes to cloud services, the question invariably turns to...

    Cloud Computing