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Cloud Computing

Now Offering: Evermore

AJ Kuftic
Read Time 1 min.

In response to customer demand, Expedient is now offering a new archival cloud storage service: Evermore. Many businesses have large warehouses of data not regularly accessed, containing information that may need to be reviewed in the future. Rather than spending the valuable time of your employees sifting through data now, Evermore can be used as a low-cost archival storage plan...

The Ideal Cloud Architect

Joe Palian
Read Time 3 min.

The Ideal Cloud Architect A cloud architect is a computer science professional that helps a company strategize the best ways to use cloud computing platforms efficiently and securely. Cloud architects don’t actually construct the cloud computing environment - rather they come into an existing cloud platform to help a company leverage its effectiveness in the best ways and maximize efficiencies...

Five Cloud Questions Every CFO Should Ask

Brent Meadows
Read Time 4 min.

Data Center Cost Considerations Cloud computing is an important part of many business infrastructures, whether it’s a few SaaS applications or a full-blown infrastructure. The company CIO may be pushing cloud initiatives hard, but before you reach the implementation phase, there are several cloud budget questions you need to address. 1. Would a Single Vendor Infrastructure Reduce Costs?...

The Right Way to Evaluate Cloud IT Performance

AJ Kuftic
Read Time 5 min.

How to Evaluate IT Performance the Right Way Socrates is known for saying that the unexamined life is not worth living. Today he’d likely say that the unexamined IT network is not worth maintaining. For companies considering a move to the cloud, it’s important to evaluate your company’s IT infrastructure to ensure your cloud provider’s services will meet your...

How the Cost of Cloud Computing is Calculated

Joe Palian
Read Time 3 min.

How Do Cloud Providers Decide How Much to Charge? You’ve answered all of your executives’ questions related to “why use cloud computing.” Now, they’re asking whether it’s more cost-effective to go with an Infrastructure as a Service provider (IaaS) than to build your own cloud computing platform. When you ask an IaaS cloud provider for a price quote,...