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Cloud Computing

Private, Public, Hybrid: Which Cloud is Right For You?

Brent Meadows
Read Time 2 min.

It seems obvious enough: The cloud is a great option for company’s looking for cost-effective, flexible ways to expand and scale their IT resources and service options. But how do you know which cloud is right for you? With public and private, and even hybrid and colocation solutions available, how do you wade through all the options and select the...

Cloud Computing: Public vs. Private Cloud Solutions

Brent Meadows
Read Time 3 min.

For most companies, the question surrounding cloud computing does not come down to its advantages. In truth, there is little doubt that cloud computing services are a cost effective solution, allowing companies to expand their data capacity and system capabilities without investing in their overall infrastructure. When it comes to cloud services, the question invariably turns to...

Three Myths about Cloud Computing

Bryan Smith
Read Time 2 min.

The term cloud computing gets thrown around a lot these days. As companies look for innovative, sustainable solutions designed to streamline their information resources, new vendors are racing to the cloud computing market, hoping to cash in. Invariably, all this competition is bound to create a little confusion. As you might expect from any new technology, the...