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“Expedient delivers real value—solutions our customers can’t run their business without. Here, an individual can make a real difference, each day, in defining and delivering those solutions. A dynamic, hands-on world of technology awaits behind the scenes of IT.”

    Maximizing vCPU Performance: More Isn’t Always Better

    Brent Meadows
    Read Time 4 min.

    Maximizing vCPU Performance: When More Isn’t Automatically Better No matter what you’re purchasing, you want to get the highest return on your dollar. In a recent study, Cloud Spectator evaluated the virtual machines (VMs) being offered by several public cloud providers. The study focused primarily on how well the VMs performed in relation to their price tag, known...

    Cloud Computing

    Here’s how one Cleveland company keeps your data on lockdown.

    Joe Palian
    Read Time 3 min.

    Accessing Expedient Data Center’s newest Cleveland location is a little like entering an exclusive nightclub. Inside an unmarked building, a stalwart doorkeeper buzzes authorized visitors with valid ID through two sets of doors. The premises are constantly monitored with 32 closed-circuit cameras. Such measures are all for the sake of security, which is what the data center business is all...

    Data Centers

    What does Cleveland’s New Data Center mean for the Northeast Ohio Community?

    Anthony Estelle
    Read Time 2 min.

    If you haven’t heard, Expedient completed and went live with their third and newest Cleveland data center facility, adding 13,000 square feet of space. The new available capacity will accommodate the increased demand for cloud services and related managed hosting products as well as colocation services. With the new data center facility comes the opportunity for new relationships and the...

    Colocation Data Centers

    Data Center Outages, Vol. 3: Human Error

    Ken Hill
    Read Time 2 min.

    An additional common cause of outages is human error. A number of miscalculations at the hand of employees can lead to an outage, costing many companies far more than they can afford to pay or lose. What are the most common examples of human error? Incorrect configuration changes—networks, servers, SANs Incorrect backups Load balancing misconfiguration and errors Firewall misconfiguration...

    Data Centers Infrastructure Availability