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    Common Reasons to Transition Away From the Internal Data Center, Vol. 2: Accelerated Growth

    Devon Cole
    Read Time 2 min.

    Are you experiencing increased business growth? When the pace of business is on the rise, IT demands become greater and more complicated. At times, the demands of managing an internal data center in the midst of such growth can inhibit your IT team from focusing on new projects. It is key to maintain a comprehensive understanding of the expenses...

    Cloud Data Centers

    Common Reasons to Transition Away From the Internal Data Center, Vol. I: Compliance Requirements

    Bryan Smith
    Read Time 2 min.

    Do you have industry or government compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLB, SOX or others? Ensuring proper security measures and adhering to regulatory compliance requirements can be a difficult undertaking for a company running an internal data center. Understanding the challenges of security and compliance are paramount in following industry and government standards. Finding a qualified hosting...

    Security and Compliance Data Centers

    The Perfect Fit in a Cloud Provider

    Joe Palian
    Read Time 2 min.

    What is the difference between a partner and a vendor, and how do you find the perfect fit in a prospective cloud provider? When it comes to cloud providers, there are two kinds of organizations: partners and vendors. A traditional cloud vendor cloud vendor typically sells resources in pre-determined packages. As a result, unless your resource demand happens to...

    Cloud Computing

    White Paper: “Getting the Most Value From Your Cloud Provider"

    Bryan Smith
    Read Time 2 min.

    Through a recent research study, third-party consultant Cloud Spectator found that the way most organizations are evaluating cloud providers is flawed, potentially leading organizations to select the wrong vendor. While the use of the cloud addresses many challenges often faced by IT departments, there are two little known pitfalls that should be addressed: Perceived Performance Paradox: many cloud providers...

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