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“Expedient delivers real value—solutions our customers can’t run their business without. Here, an individual can make a real difference, each day, in defining and delivering those solutions. A dynamic, hands-on world of technology awaits behind the scenes of IT.”

    How the Cost of Cloud Computing is Calculated

    Joe Palian
    Read Time 3 min.

    How Do Cloud Providers Decide How Much to Charge? You’ve answered all of your executives’ questions related to “why use cloud computing.” Now, they’re asking whether it’s more cost-effective to go with an Infrastructure as a Service provider (IaaS) than to build your own cloud computing platform. When you ask an IaaS cloud provider for a price quote,...

    Cloud Computing

    Disaster Recovery Planning

    Read Time 3 min.

    Data Disasters: Are You Ready? Few businesses that experience a service impacting disaster will escape unscathed. Such disasters may result in a loss of power to their IT environment, interruption to their network or hardware failure, which all may result in the loss of critical data as well as downtime or unavailability of key applications and IT environments. The...

    Disaster Recovery

    Demand Drivers for Data Center Services

    AJ Kuftic
    Read Time 3 min.

    Demand Drivers for a Cloud-based Data Center Managing a data center is a constant race to keep pace with various elements including, new technology, new security issues, requirements of new applications, power and cooling systems, ensure there is enough infrastructure to support the data that comes with a growing business. It’s also a constant race to maintain or minimize...

    Security and Compliance Cloud Computing Data Centers

    Internal Network Speed and Lossless Integrity

    AJ Kuftic
    Read Time 3 min.

    Internal Network Performance: Expedient Delivers Speed and Integrity Choosing the right cloud provider is a critical business decision that requires thoughtful and deliberate research. You want a provider that will not only monitor its virtual machine network continually, but also deliver consistent high-level performance. A recent Cloud Spectator study provides insights on the virtual machines (VMs) offered by...