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    What Are the Differences Between Backups and Disaster Recovery?

    AJ Kuftic
    Read Time 3 min.

    What Are the Differences Between Backups and Disaster Recovery? Disaster recovery planning is an integral part of any business’s IT strategy, and is becoming more prevalent as security breaches and network outages have become common threats, and the cost of downtime has steadily increased. In the beginning stages of disaster recovery planning, decision makers are often mistaken...

    Disaster Recovery Data Centers Infrastructure Availability

    New Slim-Line 2.0 Cages = Great Space and Cost Savings

    Ed Dzurko
    Read Time 3 min.

    New Slim-Line 2.0 Cages = Great Space and Cost Savings Opting for a secure, private cage in a data center environment demands a lot of space on the data center floor, making it expensive for the customer and taking away valuable floor space that can no longer be used by other customers. Traditional cages don’t make optimal use of...


    Is a Cage Really the Safest Physical Environment for Your Data?

    Ed Dzurko
    Read Time 2 min.

    Data Center Security Those seeking a dedicated cage environment with a hosting provider are sometimes under the false impression that caged floor space is more secure than other physical options. A common perception is that a dedicated cage environment provides an unparalleled level of security as well as the ability to meet auditing requirements; both viewpoints are not necessarily...

    Colocation Disaster Recovery Data Centers

    Five Cloud Questions Every CFO Should Ask

    Brent Meadows
    Read Time 4 min.

    Data Center Cost Considerations Cloud computing is an important part of many business infrastructures, whether it’s a few SaaS applications or a full-blown infrastructure. The company CIO may be pushing cloud initiatives hard, but before you reach the implementation phase, there are several cloud budget questions you need to address. 1. Would a Single Vendor Infrastructure Reduce Costs?...

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