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    Migration Services

    Expedient offers a solid IT migration strategy that ensures a cost-effective, efficient and seamless service transition.

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    Host-to-Host Replication

    With host-to-host replication, protect data integrity by replicating virtual machine workloads to one of Expedient’s data centers for disaster recovery.

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    Healthcare Outcome Story

    How Expedient helped a supply chain service provider improve its IT infrastructure with a cost-effective, scalable and HIPAA compliant cloud computing solution

    Outcome Stories Healthcare

    Nonprofit Outcome Story

    A nonprofit charity achieves desired business outcomes by migrating to the Expedient public cloud.

    Outcome Stories

    irth Solutions, LLC

    For irth Solutions, moving its environment to Expedient was aimed at ensuring security and maintaining availability of its so ware to its clients, who rely on it every day, while providing the scalability to quickly grow business and respond to customer needs. These outcomes have been delivered successfully throughout the years since migration.

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