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    Managed Data Services | Demanding the White Glove Treatment

    Are Your Getting the White Glove Treatment? Most data center and managed services providers offer the promise of an always available computing environment. But keep in mind, the operative word in that above sentence is promise. And unless that promise is backed by a dedicated and knowledgeable team of analysts, engineers and support staff, you may find those solutions...

    Server Management

    IT Buzzwords | Cloud Computing: You Use It, But Do You Understand It?

    Cloud Computing: You Use It, But Do You Understand It? Having a hard time understanding exactly what cloud computing is? Well, don’t worry – you are not alone. According to an article by the Global Language Monitor (GLM), the term Cloud Computing ranks second on a list of the decade’s most confusing technical buzzwords that people use...

    Cloud Computing

    Just How Safe is Your Data?

    Just how important is a reliable and continually tested business continuity plan to the success of your business. Well consider this: 93% of companies that experience a major data loss go out of business within five years1 Medium sized businesses (101-1000) experience an average of 140 hours of  downtime every year – with an average loss in revenue of...

    Disaster Recovery

    Private, Public, Hybrid: Which Cloud is Right For You?

    It seems obvious enough: The cloud is a great option for company’s looking for cost-effective, flexible ways to expand and scale their IT resources and service options. But how do you know which cloud is right for you? With public and private, and even hybrid and colocation solutions available, how do you wade through all the options and select the...

    Cloud Computing

    Don’t Become an IT Disaster Headline!

    Recently, many organizations have been in the headlines for IT failures. From large scaled natural disasters to smaller, more locally defined power outages and network failures, a loss of data and interruption to daily business operations can cost an organization dearly. Just how much can an IT system failure affect the stability of a business? • According to an...

    Disaster Recovery