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Disaster Recovery

Common Reasons to Transition Away From the Internal Data Center, Vol. 6: Recent Outage

Devon Cole
Read Time 1 min.

Experiencing an IT Outage Experiencing a natural disaster or an unplanned outage is a valid reason to look at moving your IT environment to a professional data center provider. In doing so, you will benefit from multiple layers of built-in redundancy for power, cooling and network connections. The burden and stress of ensuring resiliency and uptime shifts from your...

Avoid Downtime with Expedient’s Host to Host Virtual Server Replication Solution

Leslie Gubish
Read Time 2 min.

How Complicated Is Protecting Your System from Downtime and System Interruption? Avoid downtime with Expedient’s turnkey host to host virtual server replication solution Protecting you critical data and applications from system interruption doesn’t have to be complicated. Expedient’s host to host virtual replication solution is engineered to protect the integrity of your data and...

Disaster Recovery: Is Your Business Bulletproof?

Jim Kothe
Read Time 2 min.

Bullet Proofing Your Business with Disaster Recovery Don’t become another IT statistic Why is disaster recovery important? Consider this startling statistic: of companies that experience a computer outage lasting for more than 10 days, half of them will be out of business within five years. This statistic is even more alarming for businesses located within an area where...

Disaster Recovery Planning: A Checklist

Jim Kothe
Read Time 3 min.

Your Disaster Recovery Toolkit: Network Availability Basics Question: If a disaster were to affect your IT infrastructure, how long could your business survive? Answer: Unless you actively test your disaster recovery plan, chances are you will be out of business within one year. Take note: less than 50% of U.S. corporations actively...

Data Availability: Tips from the Data Center

Steve Gruetter
Read Time 3 min.

Tips from the Data Center: Ensuring the Availability of Your Data Here is an unfortunate bit of reality: Customer loyalty is fleeting—even the most trusted and valued customers will leave you if they suspect the IT infrastructure housing their private information and supporting your company is not secure. This is why any...