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    How Much Does Downtime Really Cost?

    Calculating the Cost of Downtime The term “disaster recovery planning” is unfairly misleading. Because of the inclusion of the word “disaster,” the phrase tends to invoke imagery that is tied to events of epic proportion – things like, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. However, in the IT landscape, disasters are defined with a little more subtlety. Small scale events...

    Disaster Recovery

    Why Are Enterprises Choosing the Private Cloud?

    Three Concrete Reasons Why Enterprises are Choosing the Cloud The cloud computing marketplace is growing – and at a pretty impressive rate: While a recent Gartner study indicates that more than one-third of IT organizations have already implemented a private cloud computing solution, it’s important to note that this upsurge in adoption is not relegated solely to the tech...

    Cloud Computing

    You, Me, and a White Board: Evaluating Your Network Performance

    Has Your IT Network Reached Its Capacity? Is your IT system benefiting from the highest levels of security, redundancy, and reliability? Are budget constraints or a lack of time and resources preventing you from expanding your network to match your ever-evolving business needs? Are you protected in the event of unplanned downtime, slow site performance and natural disasters? The...

    Disaster Recovery Cloud Computing Nick Villa

    Cloud Computing Trends: The Future is Bright

    In a relatively short period of time, cloud computing has had a major impact on the technological landscape. Since Information Systems Professor Ramnath Chellappa first coined the phrase back in 1997, the cloud computing industry has taken off, seemingly overnight. Within this first decade and a half since the cloud has gone mainstream, businesses and individuals have been attracted...

    Cloud Computing

    Data Center Tips: 4 Ways to Improve Data Availability

    Four ways to Improve Data Availability In today’s modern business landscape, your customers expect instant answers and immediate turn-around times. And, you cannot let things like remote locations and system interruptions prevent you from delivering. The following four tips offer insights on improving data availability, which will ultimately help you better deliver on your promises to your customers: •...

    Cloud Computing Virtual Colocation Data Centers