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    Advantages of a Data Center Provider

    Is it time to explore a data center hosting solution? As your company grows and your computing needs evolve, you may find yourself facing the all too familiar dilemma of build vs. buy: To Build - Build upon or remediate your existing in-house data center, relying on the expertise and resources of your internal IT staff to ensure...

    data centers

    Exploring the Advantages of the Hybrid

    When researching the cloud, it may seem like the landscape of cloud computing is in a state of constant evolution. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago when the public cloud – offering those once revolutionary promises of instant access and on-demand scalability – burst onto the scene. Then, as privacy and compliance concerns began to take center stage, the...

    cloud computing hybrid cloud private cloud public cloud

    Locking Down Your Cloud

    Learn how to evaluate the security of your cloud computing provider The ability to ensure data security is - of course - a critical part of evaluating any cloud provider. And while most providers will make grand claims about “state-of-the-art security,” many don’t even control the data center in which they are storing your data. A fact that can...

    Cloud Computing cloud security

    Shopping for a Regulatory Compliant Cloud Computing Solution?

    Learn what Expedient is doing to ensure security and eliminate compliance concerns In a recent blog post, we mentioned that the rate of cloud adoption can vary from one industry to the next. And according to a Gartner research report, this has led some companies in regulatory industries (e.g. banking, insurance, healthcare)...

    eCommerce/Retail Financial Services Healthcare Security and Compliance Cloud Computing

    How Cloud Computing Adoption Varies Across Industries

    According to a recent Gartner research report, cloud computing is gaining popularity across a variety of industries for basic business support functions. The research shows that cloud computing is being used for more than just IT functions. In fact, many industries are now viewing cloud computing in the context of how it can help them succeed in an evolving...

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