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    Expedient Takes on National Cloud Providers in Recent Cloud Spectator Report

    Learn how Expedient topped Amazon and Rackspace In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty fast, and the recently released analysis report from Cloud Spectator proves it. Over a period of 15 days, Cloud Spectator, an independent cloud analyst firm, compared the performance of our virtual platform against comparable offerings from Amazon and Rackspace. The results concluded that Expedient’s virtual...

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    Calculating The Costs of a Public Cloud Solution

    How to Evaluate the differences between dedicated and variable metering Determining how much your public cloud environment will cost you can be tricky. While it’s true that signing up for a subscription cloud service offers the advantages of scalability, unless you have a clear idea of how much computing demand you need and use, you could wind up paying...

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    Three Myths About Disaster Recovery Planning That Need Debunking

    Engineering a disaster recovery solution can be challenging. The widespread misconceptions about the subject don’t make things any easier. To bring clarity to the situation and help you choose a solution designed to meet your needs, Expedient has put together this list of top myths about disaster recovery. Myth 1: Our Company Is Located in a Disaster Free Location...

    Disaster Recovery

    Not All Data Centers Are Equal: Which is Right for You?

    Comparing your IT computing environments Not All Data Centers are Created Equal – Instead, the data center solution that is right for your company is directly dependent on any number of factors – including, company size, industry regulatory demands, power, Internet connectivity and data availability. But how can you be certain that the solution you choose will continue to...

    Colocation Data Centers

    A Managed-Services Cloud Approach vs. Off the Shelf

    Are you buying your cloud services off the shelf? Using any of the dozens of “one-size fits most” public cloud solutions currently on the market can be tempting. Most of them are labeled as easy to understand, relatively straight forward, and often getting the process started is as simple as typing in your credit card. Or is it? When...

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