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Disaster Recovery

How Much Does Downtime Really Cost?

Jonathan Rosenson
Read Time 3 min.

Calculating the Cost of Downtime The term “disaster recovery planning” is unfairly misleading. Because of the inclusion of the word “disaster,” the phrase tends to invoke imagery that is tied to events of epic proportion – things like, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. However, in the IT landscape, disasters are defined with a little more subtlety. Small scale events...

You, Me, and a White Board: Evaluating Your Network Performance

Read Time 2 min.

Has Your IT Network Reached Its Capacity? Is your IT system benefiting from the highest levels of security, redundancy, and reliability? Are budget constraints or a lack of time and resources preventing you from expanding your network to match your ever-evolving business needs? Are you protected in the event of unplanned downtime, slow site performance and natural disasters? The...

Just How Safe is Your Data?

Anthony Estelle
Read Time 2 min.

Just how important is a reliable and continually tested business continuity plan to the success of your business. Well consider this: 93% of companies that experience a major data loss go out of business within five years1 Medium sized businesses (101-1000) experience an average of 140 hours of  downtime every year – with an average loss in revenue of...

Don’t Become an IT Disaster Headline!

Kristin Puzon
Read Time 2 min.

Recently, many organizations have been in the headlines for IT failures. From large scaled natural disasters to smaller, more locally defined power outages and network failures, a loss of data and interruption to daily business operations can cost an organization dearly. Just how much can an IT system failure affect the stability of a business? • According to an...

Avoid Operational Data Disruptions | Business Continuity

Anthony Estelle
Read Time 2 min.

How to Avoid Operational Data Disruptions Does your company have a data disaster and recovery plan in place? Well believe it or not, if you answered “Yes,” you may actually be in the minority. According to, at least half (but probably more) of all US corporations do not undertake disaster recovery planning. This fact becomes...