Today’s Cloud: It’s All About Increasing Data Availability

Kristin Puzon
Read Time 2 min.

Everywhere you look these days, cloud computing solutions are being parceled out. Simply run a Google search for the term “cloud computing services,” and you will be inundated by an array of websites, blog posts and infographics – all touting the cost saving and IT system enhancing advantages that the Cloud has to offer. Unfortunately, this same internet search...

How Experienced Companies Utilize Virtual Colocation

Read Time 2 min.

Why are companies experienced with VMware turning to virtual colocation?  Well, consider this: The problem many growing companies face is allocating resources to match their growing IT needs. Yes, it is important to have an infrastructure in place capable of supporting your services, products and customers. However for small to large companies, the challenge of allocating resources...

Early Reviews of New Dell PowerEdge 12G Family of Servers

Sam Larkin
Read Time 2 min.

As noted during a recent unveiling of the Dell™ PowerEdgeTM 12G family of servers this past February, Dell’s new server line has been updated with Intel’s Xeon E5 processors, more system management and the ability to use a Dell-developed PCI e-linked flash storage and cache system. Prior to release Expedient was offered a look at the new line by running...